Medium Dog Breeds

For the Pug reader and dog owner who would not feel comfortable around small dogs, whatever the reason may be, and for those pet lovers that do not have space to have large dogs, their best choice would be to go for a medium sized dog. These dogs can be classified as dogs that go from 17 inches to 25 inches at the shoulder. In this height range you will find the “small” medium sized dogs 10 to 17 inches and the “large” medium sized dogs that go from 18 to 25 inches. All these dogs are large enough not to be confused with a rat like some small dogs and not as large as the Great Dane that resembles more a small horse than a dog. Medium sized dogs are about the right size for the average Pug reader and pet owner. In this article, Pug will talk about some examples of medium dogs and their characteristics. We will focus on the American Eskimo Dog, the Beagle and the Bull Dog.

The American Eskimo Dog has three different size variations, the Toy from 9 to 12 inches, the Miniature from 12 to 15 inches and the Standard that goes from over 15 inches to19 inches at the withers. In terms of colors these dogs should be preferably all white, white and cream can also be accepted. This breed is very active and should have plenty of space to exercise, a yard with a fence is highly recommended. They are average shedding dogs that need lots of dog grooming and should be brushed at least twice a week, they are very smart and very protective to their family and need to be socialized around children since they are puppies. This beautiful medium dog is a great pet if properly trained.

A very popular breed of medium dogs and one of Pug readers favorite is the Beagle, you can find two kinds of beagles, the 13 inch beagle (not exceeding this height) and the 15 inch Beagle, all of them should have any of the true hound colors. These medium dogs require, just like the American Eskimo, an appropriate yard of moderate proportions to be able to play and exercise. Always keep your beagle on a leash when you take him or her outside. These medium dogs are also moderate shedding pets and due to their playful nature they should not be left alone or they will get really bored. The beagle is a fantastic family dog.

The Bull Dog expected weight should be around 50 pounds for males and 40 pounds for females. Color wise, several colors are accepted, however, some are preferred such as the red brindle, the all the other brindles, all white, and others not as popular. These medium dogs are not very active, nonetheless they should exercise a little by walking. Bull dogs do not handle heat well nor cold what makes them indoor pets.

So remember if you are into medium dogs, find out more about them and choose the breed that is right for you.