Dogs 101 A Complete Guide

When it come to owning a dog, there is a whole lot more involved than meets the eye. For the person who is thinking about getting a dog either by buying one or adopting one, there are a lot os details to keep in mind specially if they are first time owners. For these audience we have put together a series of tips in what we have decided to call Dogs 101. Preparation for these special members of the family starts long before you actually take the dog home. In fact, the prospective owner should start by doing his and her homework in terms of actually finding out what breed is the most appropriate for his particular situation. There are several dog care aspects to keep in mind to decide the dog breed that would work better for a particular owner, is the dog small, medium or big? Do I have space for a big dog? Do I need an outdoor or indoor dog? Am I an active person or am I more relaxed? Do I have a lot or a little time to spend with my dog? Do I have kids? Do I live in a hot or a cold place? Do I have other pets? Do I have other non canine pets? The answer to these and other questions will give you the answer that you need to decide on the right breed for you and your family and work as a dogs 101 guide at

In terms of the size of the dog, for example, toy dogs are not recommended for families where they have kids since they are very delicate and if not treated appropriately the can be snappy and cause an accident with your kids or simply get injured as kids try to play with it. Certain dog breeds require a lot of leadership from their owners in order to behave properly, if they perceive at any time that they are in control of the situation, it will be very hard to regain control over them. Some dogs do better when left alone than others, if you are a working person that would spend most of his or her time out of the house, take into account that certain breeds do not respond well when they are left alone for long periods of time and could become either destructive or violent. If you are an athletic person who would like to have a jogging partner, you should buy an athletic dog, probably better if from the working or sporting groups that would be able to follow you pace in all kinds of outdoor activities (never buy a Pug, for example)

Taking into account the environment in which the dog will live is essential to having a happy, healthy dog. Dog care starts before you actually buy your dog as you can see. Dogs 101 suggests you to carefully select the perfect dog that will make you and your family happy for a long time. To find out more about dog care and breeds, visit us at