Learn How To Stop Dog Jumping

Dogs are highly affectionate animals, and while many people love to play with them and reciprocate that affection, it can be sometimes difficult to control a pet’s excitement at the prospect of meeting new people. If you’re involved in dog training, and you want to stop dog jumping, so that your guests will feel more comfortable coming over to your house for a visit, then there are some simple things that you can do to get your pet’s behavior under control.

For starters, you should set your behavioral expectations for little Fido in advance. Whether he does something right or wrong, dog training process requires that you communicate with the animal via a method that he will understand. This could mean using a stern voice for something that he does wrong, or offering him friendly praise and positive reinforcement when he does something right, according to the experts at Pug.com.

Not only is setting your expectations important for basic dog training, but it will also go a long way in helping you to stop dog jumping. And it is important that you control this behavior from the beginning because, depending on the size of your dog, it can be greatly intimidating to guests and even harmful to small children if your pet doesn’t know when to stop dog jumping. Pug.com recommends that you keep separation between the animal and your guests when they first arrive, and that you keep him under control until he gets used to the new company.

Most of the time, your friends will understand the dog’s excitement. They probably have a pet of their own and their own special dog training issues to deal with. Creating that sense of understanding between you and your guests will add to the relaxed feel of the setting you’re in, according to Pug.com. If you’re wanting to stop dog jumping for good, it helps to place your pet in as many calm situations as you can, and if you and your guests are at ease, then it is likely your pet will be, too.

To stop dog jumping, you just need to show your pet through basic dog training skills that you are the alpha in your relationship. You don’t have to be mean or cruel to the animal to get your point across. Like a child, he requires discipline and approval, and walking that line between the two is how to succeed at getting him to live up to your expectations. For more details, tips, and tricks, sites like Pug.com can guide you in the right direction. But you have to be able to separate yourself from encouraging bad behavior through inadvertent means such as laughing at misbehavior and sending mixed signals to him.