How To Stop Dog Barking

At we try to help our fellow dog owners stay in the know about how to take care of common problems when it comes to our furry little friends. One very common problem among owners is dog barking. Actually dog barking can affect you even if you aren’t a dog owner. Being the neighbor of a dog barking household can take a toll on that friendly and neighborly relationship. Before we can stop dog barking we have to figure out why our dogs might bark excessively. Dog barking happens for so many different reasons. Our doggy pals may be barking because they are trying to protect us or warn us about something, other reasons are because they are bored and want attention or they could even just be excited. The one most common reason for dog barking is that your dog may just be responding to other dogs that are walking down the street. If you would like to see a more complete list check out So what is it that we can do to stop dog barking?

We may have to try to recondition our little critters to know when it is and isn’t okay to bark. When you determine why and what your dog is barking at then you can formulate your plan of attack. When your dog is in the middle of a dog barking frenzy try your hardest to take notice of your actions. Do not unintentionally reinforce the dog barking. Don’t pet their head or say their names and get them excited when they are barking because it will in turn just make the barking worse because they will then think that it’s okay to do. Do not to leave your dog alone for extended periods of time. If they are left alone they may become bored and start to bark or even become anxious. Anxiety is one of the number one reasons that a dog will bark excessively. If you do have to leave them alone look at for some tips on how to ease anxiety in your pet. You should mot shout at your dog. It really doesn’t help anything by you trying to shout over their barking, it really won’t make them stop and they won’t learn that it’s not acceptable. Make sure that your dog gets lots and lots of exercise. That way they won’t even have the energy to bark up a storm in the backyard. Shock collars hurt dogs and should not be used. They will eventually find a way to still bark and not get shocked.

Dogs are, for sure, smarter than you think. For a few more tips about how to stop dog barking look at the resources on Not only do they have various resources to help you with common problems but they also have products that may help your toughest problems just a little easier.