Special Dog Training to Stop Digging

As much as we all love our dogs, if you have digging dog making you crazy, you might feel like the only way to stop dog digging is to travel with your dog to the nearest shelter and put your dog in adoption. With the right dog obedience training, you can stop dog digging faster than you might even consider possible.

Pug wants you to remember the first step to successfully stop dog digging is knowing why your dog is doing this in the first place. Most of the time, dogs start digging because they are bored. To know if this is the case, think about the following things before choosing a dog obedience training: does your seem incredibly hyperactive? Does he do any other destructive things like chewing? Does he bark constantly? This means that your dog has excessive energy as a direct result from lack of exercise. If you want to successfully stop dog digging, you must remember that dogs need at least one hour of exercise, not only to stay healthy but also to get tired and be able to mentally relax. Take your dog on a walk (it could benefit your health as well!) for an hour a day: you can choose to make a half-hour power walk in the morning and then another one at night, or an hour-long walk at a slower pace. Also, Pug recommends playing games with your dog also helps exercise him, and at the same time it shows him that he can entertain himself with something other than your garden.

If your dog is getting enough exercise, then maybe he’s simply following a critter underground. If this is the case, your dog is probably digging in a path-like pattern. If this is the case, it’s best to take care of such critters and taking the necessary precautions so they don’t visit your garden anymore. Another reason for your dog’s digging could be that he finds it cool or warm (depends on the weather). In this case, most likely your dog will dig a hole and then lay in it just like they would do in a dog bed. If so, instead of dog obedience training, you should try getting your dog what he needs: if it’s summer and he’s too hot, find a cool, shaded area where he can lay down and refresh. If it’s winter, find a cozy dog bed and place some old dog blankets and throws so he can stay warm, especially at night.

Sometimes, dogs simply like to dig! It’s part of who they are. If this is the case, instead of punishing him for something that is completely natural, why not work with him? Learn from Pug to set aside a small part of your garden for your dog to dig or get him a kiddie sandbox. Just like you usually housebreak puppies, encourage him to use the designated area to dig and that everywhere else is forbidden. It might take a couple of weeks but it sure beats having to constantly landscape your garden.

Follow these tips and stop dog digging now, making life easier for both you and you dog.