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Funny Pug Videos for a Good Laugh

Laugh at funny videos of Pugs being Pugs. We love our Pugs and whenever we are feeling down we just watch one of the funny videos of these little guy. They make us laugh and that is why they are part of our family. Share with your friends and make their day. Credit: CANAL DA ZUEIRA    

Are you a Pug person? Take this quick quiz and see!

Are you a Pug person? Take the quiz below to see. Pugs are not for everyone and anyone who has one will tell you they are a lot of work. Owning a dog is a big responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Every day people get dogs and have no idea how much work goes into raising them. We have designed a quick quiz you can take to see if this breed is for you. Answer the questions honestly and you will get the outcome that is right for you. Being a Pug person is something that we believe everyone will become once they add a Pug to their family. So if you are ready to find out if you are a Pug person take the 10 question quiz below and get your results now. It’s easy and fun. Share your results with friends.

The History of the Pug

The Pug has one of the comical faces, with deep wrinkles in all over the face, and dark eyes which can make you smile very easily. According to the history, the name of this dog, pug comes from the Latin word for “fist” as its face look like a human fist. These dogs are clowns in nature, however, they also are very dignified. Pugs are also ready and able for all games, because they are extremely playful, and also very close to their humans. They prefer to be the center of people’s attention. Their body shape is square and thickset, normally weighing not more than 20 pounds. Pugs have an extremely rich and astonishing history that can be followed back to 700 BC during the time of Confucius when they were known as lo-sze. The breed is viewed as one of the most seasoned canine bre...

What is the Best Food to Feed Your Pug?

With so many choices out there it is hard to know which dog food is best for your Pug. Dogs in general need protein rich diet in order to stay healthy. One thing we recommend is staying grain free and organic if possible. Most brands of dog food have fillers such as grain which can be unhealthy for any dog. They do this so that they can mass produce food very cheaply. Dogs are carnivores and descended from wolves. They eat other animals in the wild to survive. While your little Pug may not be a killer his genes make him desire protein and the benefits that come with that. We like to feed our Pugs oats and chicken with veggies. While it is hard to make food every day for your Pug the benefits are in the health of your dog. We use rice and fish or beef and vegetables also. Pugs can gain weig...

How Often Should You Give Your Pug a Bath?

People always wonder how often should I give my Pug a bath? Pugs are short haired dogs that actually have a pretty heavy under coat also. They are known to be heavy shedders. We recommend that you give Pugs a bath every four to six weeks. Pugs have wrinkles and folds that need to be tended to often and especially during bath time. Use soap that is safe and natural and make sure the water is not too warm. Start and the top of the head and work your way down. Make sure not to get water in their ear canal. Your Pug will enjoy being clean and smell free and you will too. When you give your Pug their bath and are done simply dry them with a towel. They don’t need to be completely dry as their fur will repel the water naturally. Always make sure that the folds of skin around the face and b...

Funny Pug Compilation to Make Your Day

Pugs are by far our favorite dog. That face just makes your heart melt. They are lovable and loyal dogs that will entertain you all the time. Watch this video to see how much fun they really are. Credit: pugscompilation1  

Watch How Smart Pugs Are

Credit: RMR photo Pug owners always say that their Pugs are smarter than most people. In this video you can see just how smart they are. You can easily train them and have fun while doing it. Pugs are loyal dogs that want to do whatever they can for their owners. This dog has been showing their owners just what unconditional love looks like for hundreds of years. The Chinese cherished them for that loyalty and as people from Europe discovered this breed, it was just a matter of time before they made it to the United States. With millions of Pug owners around the world it’s hard to say how many there are. All we know is that they are the best breed for any family that wants to own a dog. Please check your local rescue and see if there are any Pugs for adoption. If you have a chance to...

Funny Compilation of Pugs with Babies Cuteness Overload

Video credit: funnyplox If you love Pugs and babies then this is the video for you. Watch as babies play with Pugs and laugh at their furry brothers and sisters.  

Adorable Pugs Follow Toddler Around

Video Credit: TV4Y Watch as this toddler crawls all over the place and these Pug puppies follow his every move.  

The Cutest Pugs Alive!

If you are a Pug owner you know what it means to love an animal unconditionally. Pugs give us all their love and make it easy to love them back the same way. If you look at their face it just makes you want to melt. Pugs are not for everyone but those of us that have them wouldn’t want any other dog. I wanted to share some of the cutest Pugs I found so that you may see what I am talking about. Pugs are the one dog that can be looked at as ugly or cute by others. As Pug owners we have seen all the other breeds and nothing compares to our dogs. They are playful and smart. They can cuddle or just be plain mean. They are wrinkly and adorable. Whatever you think about them, they are beloved by millions for a reason. Sometimes I will just watch my Jazzy sleep and he has the cutest little s...

Playing With Your Pug

People always ask me what can you do to entertain your Pug. They are small and really can’t fetch and run wild in open spaces. They aren’t really athletic and can’t jump real high. There are plenty of ways to play games with your Pug. When I got my Pug I was always thinking of new ways to entertain him with toys and playing tug of war. I found that he was a lot smarter and more athletic than people would believe. Pugs originally came from China and were the dogs of royalty. They were known to be very loyal and good with people. Pugs love to play fetch if you show them how. I started out with a small stuffed animal in the house. Our dog got the hang very quickly. I made a little obstacle course with pillows and threw the stuffed animal across the room. Jazzy loved getting ...

PFF – Pug Friends Forever

Welcome to We created this page to inform Pug owners about our favorite subject, our Pugs. The social media site dedicated to our Pugs. We invite all of you to join the community and share your Pug with the rest of the world. Create a profile and add your favorite pics of your Pug. Join our forum to discuss Pug issues with other Pug lovers. Share your Pugs birthday and any accomplishments they have made. Our site is devoted to sharing every story we can about Pugs. We will also share the things that are vital for our Pugs to live a healthy life. These dogs have become part of our families and we want to see all dogs celebrated for the joy they bring their owners. PFF is our first initiative to connect owners of Pugs and have an exclusive platform dedicated to our lovable friends. ...

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