Month: July 2016

How My Pug Saved My Life

I know you are probably thinking,”how did a Pug save this guys life”? It all started in 2005 when I was a bartender. I was in love with my girlfriend and we were planning our wedding. We wanted to get married and have children. We wanted the picket fence and the house in the suburbs. We wanted all the things that life had to offer. Then one day it all started to fall apart. I found out that my girlfriend of six years was cheating on me. When I confronted her she admitted it, and that was the most devastating thing that had ever happened to me. She moved out and suddenly I was all alone. I was depressed and I started drinking heavily to ease the pain. My drive to be successful was completely gone and I spent my time feeling sorry for myself. I had always dreamed of owning my own...

Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Health Benefits to Owning a Dog Dogs are one of the friendliest creatures known to people. They are charming, cuddly and loaded with fun. Pooches likewise can give numerous medical advantages to its owner. Dogs are known to maintain pulse, diminish the danger of coronary illness, lower cholesterol, reduce tension, and support immune resistance. Dogs are gainful pets for the youthful and the old. One approach to lower pulse of both the human and the puppy, is petting. Dogs, as is commonly said, are man’s best friend. They’re faithful, cherishing, compassionate, and energetic. As a result of the long history of dogs and people, we’ve come to feel by one means or another more agreeable, more content, when we’re around each other. It’s a harmonious relationship th...

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