Month: August 2016

Pugs Are The Best Breed Ever

This video courtesy of Best Breed Ever is a perfect example why you should get a Pug. They are lovable and that face just melts your heart. We love our Pugs and we want the world to know why they are such a great breed.  

Little Girl Gets Pug Puppy and It’s Amazing

This little girl gets the puppy she has always wanted and it is the best thing you will watch today!

Why You Should Adopt a Dog

Twelve years ago a girl I worked with was looking to give up a dog she had adopted. Her landlord was going to kick her out of her apartment if she did not get rid of the dog. Hearing this I was the first to volunteer my home for the dog. I had wanted to adopt a dog before but never followed through on it. I asked to see her pics and it was the cutest little Pug I had ever seen. I was a single guy living alone and I had not had a dog since I was a child. The next day I went to her apartment to pick up the dog and the crate which she slept in. The little Pug was named Honey and it was very appropriate. This dog was so sweet and instantly stole my heart. I took her home and let her get accustomed to her new surroundings. Honey was bouncing all around and was full of energy and vigor. I knew t...

Why Pug Accessories are so Popular

If you ever wondered why Pug accessories are so popular, you have to look at the Pug ownership around the world. Pugs were introduced thousands of years ago when they were the favorite pet to Chinese royalty. They eventually made their way to Europe where they were also the favorite of royalty. These amazing dogs have circled the globe and are now owned by millions of people in every country. They are loyal and loving. They fit right in to any size family and usually steal the hearts of all who meet them. Their ability to just look at us and make us feel better is not lost on those that own them. With millions owning them the Pug accessories has gone wild. Some of the most famous dogs on the internet are Pugs. Their merchandise is coveted by owners and are always great gifts for any occasi...

Pug is Reunited with Owner

Have you ever lost your dog and had the sinking feeling you would never see them again? Watch this heart warming video of a woman being reunited with her stolen dog after she was stolen. The dog and owner are obviously thrilled to see each other and it is heart warming to see.

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