Month: February 2017

Her Name Was Honey Bear

August 13, 2016 will be the day that will haunt me forever. I am 48 years old and for the last twelve years I have had a Cocker Spaniel that I named Honey Bear. It all started when a co worker was complaining that she had just purchased a Cocker Spaniel puppy, but she had to get rid of her. At the time, I was living alone and thought it would be a good idea if I stepped up and helped. The next day I went to pick up this puppy to bring her home with me. My friend Lisa brought out this little adorable puppy that I instantly fell in love with. She was the cutest dog ever and had a little nub where her tail had been cropped. Her hair was golden and very soft. She was all about being the center of attention. I had not had a dog since I was a child, and he was an outside dog, so this whole thing...

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