Month: April 2017

Why Pugs Are Good For Your Health

  Have you ever looked at someone’s Pug and wondered what is so special about the breed? Some people consider Pug’s ugly and do not like the snorting and smushed face. Well I am here to tell you that they are great for your health. Pug’s are loving. loyal, adorable family pets. They are good family dogs and can be feisty if they feel threatened. They have amazing hearing and eyesight which helps them let you know if someone is coming to your door. When you adopt a Pug you have to be ready to give them plenty of attention. Make no mistake, adopting any dog is hard work. I liken it to becoming a parent for the first time. Although a child is absolutely more work, a new dog is also hard work. This is where they help you become more healthy and you don’t even reali...

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