Month: May 2017

Pug Puppies are the Best-Video


Pugs Love Pools Compilation

Pugs Are Awesome: Compilation

Pugs Are The Perfect Family Pet

Pugs are the perfect family pet and that’s why you see so many people that adore them. Have you ever thought of getting a family dog? There are a lot of factors that families should consider when deciding on a family dog. The most important factor is how the new dog fit into family life. Owning a dog is a lot of work and they need attention daily. Just like humans, dogs need to have adequate exercise daily. Pugs are small but need to be active at least thirty minutes a day. If you don’t exercise your Pug,you can expect them to act hyper when it may be time for bed. They may chew household items as a way of releasing the energy they have built up. Many people look at Pugs as lap dogs but they also like to run and stay active like most dog breeds. Pugs are surprisingly fast and a...

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