What is the Best Food to Feed Your Pug?

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With so many choices out there it is hard to know which dog food is best for your Pug. Dogs in general need protein rich diet in order to stay healthy. One thing we recommend is staying grain free and organic if possible. Most brands of dog food have fillers such as grain which can be unhealthy for any dog. They do this so that they can mass produce food very cheaply. Dogs are carnivores and descended from wolves. They eat other animals in the wild to survive. While your little Pug may not be a killer his genes make him desire protein and the benefits that come with that. We like to feed our Pugs oats and chicken with veggies. While it is hard to make food every day for your Pug the benefits are in the health of your dog. We use rice and fish or beef and vegetables also. Pugs can gain weight quickly and it is very hard to take it off.

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The one way to make sure your Pug stays healthy is to have a routine. Walk them the same time every day if you can. This will get you both in a healthy routine. We walk our Pugs twice a day every day. They need 30 minutes of exercise to keep them trim and fit. You also want to play games in and around the house that Pugs love. We like to make them use their other senses to find toys and and tiny treats. Like we said before Pugs can gain weight easily, so make sure any treats you reward them with is healthy. We choose carrot bites, blackberries, bananas, watermelon, and pieces of kibble. You don’t have to worry about them gaining weight from these treats and they love them. When it is all said and done, you will have to find the right mix for your dog. We recommend Blue Buffalo dog food because it is made with the ingredients that your dog needs. This has been our most popular brand of store bought food for our Pugs. It is more expensive but it is worth the price for keeping our little guys happy and healthy. As most dog owners know, never feed Pugs or any other dogs grapes. We always tell friends that are getting a new dog to educate yourself about the dangers of certain foods. Feeding your Pug store bought cheap dog food from China is a huge risk also. You have no idea what is in the food and it has been known to make dogs sick and even kill them. You want to keep your Pug around for a long time and the two best ways are nutrition and exercise.