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Dog Saves Deer From Drowning

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Pugs Are The Perfect Family Pet

Pugs are the perfect family pet and that’s why you see so many people that adore them. Have you ever thought of getting a family dog? There are a lot of factors that families...

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Why Pugs Are Good For Your Health

  Have you ever looked at someone’s Pug and wondered what is so special about the breed? Some people consider Pug’s ugly and do not like the snorting and smushed face. Well I am...

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Her Name Was Honey Bear

August 13, 2016 will be the day that will haunt me forever. I am 48 years old and for the last twelve years I have had a Cocker Spaniel that I named Honey Bear....

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Our Adorable Pugs

We love our adorable Pugs and we love to share pics from all over the world. You can upload your Pug to our Facebook page and we will publish it on and our Instagram...

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Why You Should Adopt a Dog

Twelve years ago a girl I worked with was looking to give up a dog she had adopted. Her landlord was going to kick her out of her apartment if she did not get...

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Why Pug Accessories are so Popular

If you ever wondered why Pug accessories are so popular, you have to look at the Pug ownership around the world. Pugs were introduced thousands of years ago when they were the favorite pet...

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Pug is Reunited with Owner

Have you ever lost your dog and had the sinking feeling you would never see them again? Watch this heart warming video of a woman being reunited with her stolen dog after she was...

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How My Pug Saved My Life

I know you are probably thinking,”how did a Pug save this guys life”? It all started in 2005 when I was a bartender. I was in love with my girlfriend and we were planning...