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Watch funny Pug videos from all over the world. These entertaining Pug videos are a great way to pass the time. Watch as our favorite breed gets into precarious situations and it’s all caught on tape. Have you ever wondered why people are so obsessed with their Pug? Watch these funny videos and you will see why this breed is so popular in almost every country around the world. If you have a video you would like to see featured on our website let us know. You can send it to us on Facebook or use the contact us page. Send us a link to your Youtube channel and we will stream your videos for the world to see on Pug.com.  

Pugs Are The Best Breed Ever

This video courtesy of Best Breed Ever is a perfect example why you should get a Pug. They are lovable and that face just melts your heart. We love our Pugs and we want the world to know why they are such a great breed.  

Little Girl Gets Pug Puppy and It’s Amazing

This little girl gets the puppy she has always wanted and it is the best thing you will watch today!

Funny Pug Videos for a Good Laugh

Laugh at funny videos of Pugs being Pugs. We love our Pugs and whenever we are feeling down we just watch one of the funny videos of these little guy. They make us laugh and that is why they are part of our family. Share with your friends and make their day. Credit: CANAL DA ZUEIRA    

Funny Pug Compilation to Make Your Day

Pugs are by far our favorite dog. That face just makes your heart melt. They are lovable and loyal dogs that will entertain you all the time. Watch this video to see how much fun they really are. Credit: pugscompilation1  

Watch How Smart Pugs Are

Credit: RMR photo Pug owners always say that their Pugs are smarter than most people. In this video you can see just how smart they are. You can easily train them and have fun while doing it. Pugs are loyal dogs that want to do whatever they can for their owners. This dog has been showing their owners just what unconditional love looks like for hundreds of years. The Chinese cherished them for that loyalty and as people from Europe discovered this breed, it was just a matter of time before they made it to the United States. With millions of Pug owners around the world it’s hard to say how many there are. All we know is that they are the best breed for any family that wants to own a dog. Please check your local rescue and see if there are any Pugs for adoption. If you have a chance to...

Funny Compilation of Pugs with Babies Cuteness Overload

Video credit: funnyplox If you love Pugs and babies then this is the video for you. Watch as babies play with Pugs and laugh at their furry brothers and sisters.  

Adorable Pugs Follow Toddler Around

Video Credit: TV4Y Watch as this toddler crawls all over the place and these Pug puppies follow his every move.  

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