The Cutest Pugs Alive!

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If you are a Pug owner you know what it means to love an animal unconditionally. Pugs give us all their love and make it easy to love them back the same way. If you look at their face it just makes you want to melt. Pugs are not for everyone but those of us that have them wouldn’t want any other dog. I wanted to share some of the cutest Pugs I found so that you may see what I am talking about.

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Pugs are the one dog that can be looked at as ugly or cute by others. As Pug owners we have seen all the other breeds and nothing compares to our dogs. They are playful and smart. They can cuddle or just be plain mean. They are wrinkly and adorable. Whatever you think about them, they are beloved by millions for a reason.

pugs, cute pugs, pug life

Sometimes I will just watch my Jazzy sleep and he has the cutest little snore. His little legs twitch as he imagines sprinting across the pasture of grass and flowers. Then he wakes up and realizes that’s not the life for him. His place is right on my lap every night for television and snacks. He is like a little lava rock that heats up my legs as he contently watches tv.

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I love to surf the internet for other Pugs and when I find them I can imagine how happy they are making their forever family. I always wanted a dog of my own and when it came time to choose I went right for the Pug. It’s cuteness overload and they are so much fun to be around. My Jazzy is the center of attention whenever friends come by.

pugs, pug pics, pug life, cute pugs

I mean look at that face. Those big eyes and all those wrinkles. Makes you just smile knowing that this little guy is about to be the most important thing in your family.