How Often Should You Give Your Pug a Bath?

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People always wonder how often should I give my Pug a bath? Pugs are short haired dogs that actually have a pretty heavy under coat also. They are known to be heavy shedders. We recommend that you give Pugs a bath every four to six weeks. Pugs have wrinkles and folds that need to be tended to often and especially during bath time. Use soap that is safe and natural and make sure the water is not too warm. Start and the top of the head and work your way down. Make sure not to get water in their ear canal. Your Pug will enjoy being clean and smell free and you will too.

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When you give your Pug their bath and are done simply dry them with a towel. They don’t need to be completely dry as their fur will repel the water naturally. Always make sure that the folds of skin around the face and body are dry. Also, make sure that there is no moisture in their ears. If you wash them too often you could dry their skin out and cause them to itch like crazy. We also recommend brushing their coat often to help them from shedding everywhere. They tend to shed more in the warmer months and if you brush them often, it keeps their coat healthy and it’s less work for you to clean. Daily care that should be performed often is cleaning their cute little faces. You need to do this to prevent fungal infections from forming. Simply use a baby wipe and clean their wrinkles and folds around their face. Make sure these areas are dry and clean all the time. Sometimes food or other debris can hide in there and cause odor and sickness. When it comes down to it all your Pug needs is a little TLC and they will give you all the love in the world.