PFF – Pug Friends Forever

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Welcome to We created this page to inform Pug owners about our favorite subject, our Pugs. The social media site dedicated to our Pugs. We invite all of you to join the community and share your Pug with the rest of the world. Create a profile and add your favorite pics of your Pug. Join our forum to discuss Pug issues with other Pug lovers. Share your Pugs birthday and any accomplishments they have made. Our site is devoted to sharing every story we can about Pugs. We will also share the things that are vital for our Pugs to live a healthy life. These dogs have become part of our families and we want to see all dogs celebrated for the joy they bring their owners. PFF is our first initiative to connect owners of Pugs and have an exclusive platform dedicated to our lovable friends. We have seen social media sites that are for humans and now we have one just for our Pugs

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We will start with connecting our users from all over the world and let you see that this dog is universally adored by so many cultures. Please like our Facebook page to see daily updates and funny videos and memes.

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If you have a Pug that is part of your family, you know how precious they are. At we believe all animals deserve to be treated humanely. Please join our community and share your best friends story. Some people have lost their beloved dogs and seeing other people’s dogs being happy and being loved is very healing. PFF is a a good thing. It means that the friends you make on here will always be there for you in a time of need. We look at our Pugs as part of our family and we hope you do too.

pug, pugs, cute pugs, pug memes