Playing With Your Pug

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People always ask me what can you do to entertain your Pug. They are small and really can’t fetch and run wild in open spaces. They aren’t really athletic and can’t jump real high. There are plenty of ways to play games with your Pug. When I got my Pug I was always thinking of new ways to entertain him with toys and playing tug of war. I found that he was a lot smarter and more athletic than people would believe. Pugs originally came from China and were the dogs of royalty. They were known to be very loyal and good with people.

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Pugs love to play fetch if you show them how. I started out with a small stuffed animal in the house. Our dog got the hang very quickly. I made a little obstacle course with pillows and threw the stuffed animal across the room. Jazzy loved getting the toy and running over and around the pillows. I named all the toys differently so that when I said “get the bear” he would get the bear. If you introduce one toy at a time and name them, your Pug will understand. It is easy and fun for all. Eventually Jazzy learned about ten toy names. I would say get the rope and he would bring the tug of war rope. He knew that his reward was going to be playing tug of war with me. This helps exercise and keep his aggressiveness in check. Pugs can get out of shape if you don’t exercise them. It’s good for them and it will lead to a longer life.

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So after we realized that Jazzy could fetch and do all the things bigger dogs do, we decided to take him outside for some real exercise. I used a tennis ball and this guy was so fast I couldn’t believe it. He was just a puppy then and he would run for hours if we kept throwing the ball. We were so wrong about the Pug breed and the stereotypes that surround them. They are actually quite athletic and you should absolutely take them to the dog park and have other fun adventures with them. I would also suggest getting them in a routine. If you walk them in the morning and at night try to do it the same time every day. Dogs love routines and you will see their energy high when it needs to be and low when you want it to be. After a long day of fun and exercise it’s time to relax and that’s where I enjoy my Pug the most. They are incredibly loving and will snuggle up next to you while you watch TV or read. My Jazzy sleeps right in the bed with me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.