Why Pugs Are Good For Your Health

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Have you ever looked at someone’s Pug and wondered what is so special about the breed? Some people consider Pug’s ugly and do not like the snorting and smushed face. Well I am here to tell you that they are great for your health. Pug’s are loving. loyal, adorable family pets. They are good family dogs and can be feisty if they feel threatened. They have amazing hearing and eyesight which helps them let you know if someone is coming to your door. When you adopt a Pug you have to be ready to give them plenty of attention. Make no mistake, adopting any dog is hard work. I liken it to becoming a parent for the first time. Although a child is absolutely more work, a new dog is also hard work. This is where they help you become more healthy and you don’t even realize it.

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Bonding with your new Pug is key to having a great relationship. If you have a new puppy the needs are going to be plentiful. The most important thing in any dog’s life is exercise. As with humans, they need to be active at least for thirty minutes a day to stay healthy. Playing games or walking your new Pug will help you bond and let him know you are the boss. Pugs are like any other dog and they need to know their place in the pack. He sees your family as his pack. If you do not discipline your Pug when he acts out of line, he will never listen to you. Disciplining can be done without being violent. Pugs are very intuitive and can sense your disappointment just by the tone of your voice.

Your Pug can help you stay healthy by getting into a routine of walks and play. Everyday your Pug should expect to be walked or played with at a certain time if possible. This will help them learn when to go to the bathroom which is always important. Your health will definitely improve as you make walking part of your daily routine. Pugs also love to play and will keep you busy in the house as well. Having a loving relationship with your Pug will change your life forever. When you see Pug owners they are usually lifelong Pug owners for a reason. Love your Pug and they will give you years of unconditional love and loyalty.