Pugs Are The Perfect Family Pet

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Pugs are the perfect family pet and that’s why you see so many people that adore them. Have you ever thought of getting a family dog? There are a lot of factors that families should consider when deciding on a family dog. The most important factor is how the new dog fit into family life. Owning a dog is a lot of work and they need attention daily. Just like humans, dogs need to have adequate exercise daily. Pugs are small but need to be active at least thirty minutes a day. If you don’t exercise your Pug,you can expect them to act hyper when it may be time for bed. They may chew household items as a way of releasing the energy they have built up. Many people look at Pugs as lap dogs but they also like to run and stay active like most dog breeds. Pugs are surprisingly fast and athletic. They love to play fetch and run their little legs off.

Pugs, pug, cute, funny, videos, family, pets

When adding a Pug to your family remember that they look at your family as a pack. That means they expect to be led by a member of the pack or they will be compelled to take on that duty. You don’t need to be physical or loud with your Pug. You simply need to be firm and calm when disciplining. Dogs can sense your anger or displeasure and using physical violence only hurts your ability to control their behavior. Always get their attention before trying to discipline them. If they are overly excited they will not follow your directions easily. Once your Pug has established himself within the family he will steal your heart. Pugs are very protective and will let you know when someone is approaching your home. They are the perfect guard dog and should be applauded when they may bark at things outside the home. Although they may be loud and running around, don’t stop them from doing what makes them a dog.

Adding a Pug to your family will bring you the most joy you can imagine. Pug’s are loyal and kind. They will melt your heart daily and love you unconditionally. If your family wants to bring a Pug or any other dog into your home, you should read about their behavior and care. Pugs have specific health needs that are specific to their breed. The breed is known for skin conditions, ear infections, respiratory problems and many other problems. All of which can be easily handled with proper care and Vet visits.