Why You Should Adopt a Dog

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Twelve years ago a girl I worked with was looking to give up a dog she had adopted. Her landlord was going to kick her out of her apartment if she did not get rid of the dog. Hearing this I was the first to volunteer my home for the dog. I had wanted to adopt a dog before but never followed through on it. I asked to see her pics and it was the cutest little Pug I had ever seen. I was a single guy living alone and I had not had a dog since I was a child. The next day I went to her apartment to pick up the dog and the crate which she slept in. The little Pug was named Honey and it was very appropriate. This dog was so sweet and instantly stole my heart. I took her home and let her get accustomed to her new surroundings. Honey was bouncing all around and was full of energy and vigor. I knew that this was going to make me crazy and I needed to do some research about puppies. I found that just like kids, puppies need a way to release their energy. If you don’t do this they will find other outlets like chewing your shoes. I wanted to get Honey to calm down so I took her for a walk. When we returned home she was much calmer and actually laid down and fell asleep. I decided that I would get her into a routine so that she would have times during the day to get all the energy out. Every day I would walk her in the morning and again at night before dinner. She would eat at the same time every day and would go to the bathroom at certain times each day. We had our routine and I realized that it had made my life more structured.

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As the months went by I started to realize how important this dog was to me. I stopped staying out late and partying with my friends. I found myself being more active and walking miles every day with my Honey. I would plan my day to make sure that I could be home to walk and feed my new roommate. I took her everywhere and met tons of people who were also dog lovers. Dog park days were the best and always fun for Honey. I enjoyed having her as my best friend and quickly learned what unconditional love was. I have many friends that would give me a hard time when I used the excuse that I needed to go home to take care of my dog. It was always easy to get out of any situation because it was true. Any person that adopts a dog is doing the dog a favor and even more, they change your life for the better. You can easily adopt a dog from your local shelter and it will be the most gratifying thing you ever do. I have since adopted another dog and now have two that are my life. I don’t have family close by but these dogs are now my family. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how much love they bring into your home. Every day when I arrive home they don’t care if I had a bad day or not. They are happy to see me and I am so thankful that I opened my home to them. If you are thinking about getting a dog you have to adopt one today. Make sure to do your research on the breed you want. Some breeds need lots of activity to keep them healthy and happy. Choosing to adopt a dog is a big step and requires a lot of investment of time and energy. Once you get into a routine, you will find that this is the best decision you have ever made.